Young Shits Idea 2

Young Shits Coffee Brief
Starbucks Dating

- Idea 2


Coffee Dates

The ‘coffee shop date’ millennials searching for their perfect match and who are obsessed with coffee. 

You can tell a lot about a person through their coffee order.

Let’s turn Starbucks coffee shops into places where you could find your next partner or even just a friend, by partnering with Bumble.

Coffee orders will now have the last person who ordered the same coffee as you printed on the cup and a little blurb about them with a QR code. When you scan the code you can match instantly with the person on Bumble.
Using targeted ads and social media we will encourage people to first sign up to the project and write a short description about themselves. Then when they order at Starbucks the system will match their order to a previous same or very similar order. A label will be printed out soon after the order is taken, and the barista will place it on the cup. By focussing on the people behind the coffee we change coffee from a drink, to a personality trait.