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Coffee Shop (Sydney)

For millennials in Australia, finding full time work by the age of 25 is becoming more and more difficult; with more graduates entering the workforce, job hunters need to know how and what to do when job hunting (

Nowadays an informal cup of coffee has replaced first round interviews across many industries.

To connect millennials with our shop we want to develop the first coffee shop that acts as a meeting place between job seekers and job hunting / interview professionals.

Our baristas and employees will all be certified interview trainers. They will have the ability to sit and have a cup of coffee with a customer and train them on job hunting and interviewing, all in a location where a job seeker will most likely end up interviewing.
Alongside the trainers, customers will be able to pick up training material, and each coffee cup will come printed with tips and advice. Targeted social and OOH that display interview tips, or questions such as "How firm should your handshake be?" will be used to direct millennials to the shop.  
With this new coffee shop, customers will be able to familiarise themselves with the ‘coffee interview’ and learn tips and tricks from professionals, turning ‘bean water’ into a learning experience.