Young Glory Round 8 Idea 2

Young Glory Round 6:

- Idea 1


What are you investing in? 

To reverse climate change, we need to make it a global priority.
People, corporations and politicians need to change the way they think and act towards it.
The big corporations can make the biggest difference to reversing climate change.
To convince them to make a change, we need to inform those who own the corporations: the investors.

The Insight

Companies rely on investor support to function and people will invest in a company that is doing good for the world.  

Our Idea

Let’s partner with the major stock exchanges around the world like the New York Stock Exchange, ASX, Shenzhen Stock Exchange etc and create new exchange boards that highlight companies contributions to reversing climate change.
The new boards will feature a score given to each company, ranking them on how much they contribute to climate change reversal, allowing stakeholders to make a more informed decision on who they are investing in.
These new boards can be heroed across different comms, from digital display banners showing live data, to live reminders about changes to companies scores.

The Results

With this additional factor influencing stakeholder investments, major corporations will have a bigger incentive to contribute to climate change reversal in an attempt to entice more shareholders.