Young Glory Round 8 Idea 1

Young Glory Round 6:

- Idea 1


Reverse your footprint, Reverse your premiums. 

To reverse climate change, we need to make it a global priority.
People, corporations and politicians need to change the way they think and act towards it.
We can show how the future will be affected, but we also need to provide an incentive in the present.
There is an industry that people, corporations, NGO’s and politicians all have a stake in.

The Insight

Everyone wants to protect themselves, but climate change is going to stop you.

Our Idea

If the Earth’s temperature rises by 4 degrees, the Earth will become uninsurable.
So, lets partner with global insurance companies such as AXA, China Life Insurance, NRMA, Zurich Insurance Group etc
and hero the dangers climate change has on the future of protection.
We will let everyone know, from the average household, to the biggest corporation, where their premiums will rise to, until insurance protection is a thing of the past.
To incentivise people and corporations in the present, insurance companies will provide a Premium Reduction Scheme based off contributions to reversing climate change.
Contributions can range from powering your home with alternative energy sources, investing in energy saving appliances, reducing energy consumption (turning off the lights) to changing building infrastructure. Each contribution will be factored and subtracted from a premium.


The Results

By providing a benefit to people, corporations and politicians in the present and warning them about a dire future, our campaign makes climate change a global priority.