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Young Glory Gun Control (Awarded Bronze)

Young Glory Round 7:

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Make Your Voicemail Heard

Awarded Bronze

Brief: Use digital and social media to encourage politically disinterested American teenagers to take one meaningful step toward getting their state and/or federal governments to pass common sense gun-control legislation.

Measurement Framework
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Background: For the last 20 years the Dickey Amendment mandated that "none of the funds made available for injury prevention and control at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) may be used to advocate or promote gun control”. If the Dickie Amendment could be repealed America could finally find scientifically proven ways to reduce gun violence.

Problem: To repeal the Dickie Amendment consistent, long-term pressure in contacting representatives through phone calls must be made in order to match the NRA’s strong power in mobilising their own members to support legislation. The Pew Research Center’s survey found in contacting a public official “one-in-five gun owners (21%) have done this...That compares with 12% of non-gun owners who have ever reached out to officials about gun policy”.

Insight: Teens want change quickly with minimal effort and do not like calling but prefer texting or tweeting at the touch of button due to the time it reduces. “I generally don’t like talking on the phone that much...I’m a millennial, and that’s not our thing.” (What Calling Congress Achieves by Kathryn Schulz, The New Yorker article)

Idea: Partnering with the company straight2voicemail that sends personalised voice messages at the click of a button straight to voicemails, we will get teens to repeal the Dickie Amendment by sending personalised voicemails to their representatives instantly. We will do this through our own site where they must sign up to daily, weekly or fortnightly voicemails over a minimum of 6 months, to put effective enough pressure on representatives to repeal the amendment.

Execution: For our 1st phase we will first get teenagers aware and educated about the problem with the Dickie Amendment through popular YouTube and Instagram influencers and survivors from Marjory Stoneman Douglas, as our spokespeople. We will use hypertargeted, real-time ads to target as many 14-21 year olds Americans through owned, paid and earned media channels to drive awareness and education on the issue, which will drive them to the site For the 2nd phase we will prompt these users to take action - to make a voicemail, we will serve Facebook users hyper and geo-targeted, real-time ads to drive users to the site and use their locations to automatically provide their nearest representative contact number on the ads.


We will also use hyper and geo-targeted, real-time twitter ads/responses, instagram/snapchat ads, Google adwords, YouTube ads and news site/blog ads (where the content relates to gun control) and personalise them with their local rep's name. We will also visually represent state by state, hour-by-hour data on the site, on which states are and are not making enough voicemails, to put pressure on all states to keep the momentum up over a minimum of 6 months. The outcomes of this will be contact state and/or federal governments and grow momentum, grow and engage social community around campaign and increase voter registrations from information on our site.