Young Glory Round 6 Idea 4

Young Glory Round 6:

- Idea 4


Expedia Vending Machines

The Problem

Japanese workers aren’t using their holiday leave, which means they aren’t using travel sites.

The Audience

We need to appeal specifically to Japanese workers, we need to change their behaviour when it comes to taking leave.

The Insight

The Japanese lack travel inspiration in their cities, they don't have the multicultural aspect that encourages other countries populations to travel.

Our Solution

Playing off the Japanese obsession with gift giving and shopping through vending machines, Expedia will create and distribute vending machines throughout major Japanese cities. These machines will contain unique gifts that can only be found around the world through travel.

When someone tries to purchase a gift they will instead recieve a modified plane ticket from Expedia. These tickets will contain QR codes to scan that will give the user information on what the gift is, where it's come from and how to get there. 


The Results

By tapping into a much loved Japanese purchasing method and their gift giving culture we have found a unique way into giving the Japanese the inspiration they need to take their vacation time, thanks to Expedia.