Young Glory Round 6 Idea 3

Young Glory Round 6:

- Idea 3


Ryoko the Travelling Android

The Problem

Japanese workers aren’t using their holiday leave, which means they aren’t using travel sites.

The Audience

We need to appeal specifically to Japanese workers, we need to change their behaviour when it comes to taking leave.

The Insight

The Japanese aren’t finding any travel inspiration staring at a screen.

Our Solution

Playing off the Japanese obsession with robotics and Japan's popular use of AI to help people live longer and healthier, Expedia will set the first-ever android robot, Ryoko, on a trip around the world via Expedia. If Japan won’t come to the world, we’ll bring Japan to the world via Ryoko to show them what they’re missing.  

People in Japan can follow Ryoko (which means travel in Japanese) through live video on Facebook and Twitter, along with the rest of the world, and can post their homes as destinations for Ryoko to meet her in person.   


The Results

Using a world first we will be creating major buzz around travel and Expedia. Having the android come from Japan encourages the Japanese to get involved, and getting them involved means getting them closer to the inspiration that will convince them to start travelling.