Young Glory Round 6 Idea 2

Young Glory Round 6:

- Idea 2


The World Misses You, Japan.

The Problem

Japanese workers aren’t using their holiday leave, which means they aren’t using travel sites.

The Audience

We need to appeal specifically to Japanese workers, we need to change their behaviour when it comes to taking leave.

The Insight

People who have travelled to Japan always say that at the heart they are very helpful, polite and friendly, the type of people you would welcome to your home.

Our Solution

Using a bot Expedia will collect real life positive testimonials about Japan and its people from travellers around the world via their social media accounts. These stories will be turned into the VO for a short video, each story will be told direct to camera and collated to form a digital ‘love letter’ from the World to Japan. With the aim of inspiring the Japanese to visit those that admire them so much.  


The Results

Bringing to light these tales of admiration will inspire and encourage Japanese workers to travel. We are revealing not only the people they could meet, but also how much they and their country are treasured and how much the world misses them.