Young Glory Idea 2 Round 5

Young Glory Round 5:
From Shame to Status

- Idea 2



Throughout India, villagers are choosing open defecation over toilets. 
This is because the average villager isn’t educated on the consequences of open defecation.

10-year-old girl in Safeda Basti, is severely underweight due to diarrhea and malnutrition

10-year-old girl in Safeda Basti, is severely underweight due to diarrhea and malnutrition

They will often spend thousands of rupees a year on medicine, while continuing with open defecation, the source of their illnesses. In surveys performed throughout rural India, people have expressed a prevalence for open defecation, convinced that it is the healthier option. 


To shift villager’s perceptions, we need to educate them on the real benefits toilets provide.

Film is, historically, a medium rural India and India in general, is highly obsessed with. Rural villages will often construct makeshift cinemas for films to be viewed by the public.

Interactive TV, the cinema advertising arm of Group M report says that 50 per cent of the cinema-goers are open and willing to consume advertisements before the start of the movie and during the intermission.

         Using a short film ad before Bollywood films, we will broadcast a highly emotional message, throughout rural India, that highlights the devastating effects of open defecation, and provides them with the simple solution: to use toilets. 


Here, not there. 



Now when someone in India sees a toilet, they'll see an instrument of good, and in turn, will be motivated to use them.



The Real Remedy

To further spread these facts, educate the rural population, and launch the film throughout India, we will hijack the labels found on medicine. Specifically, the medicines used to remedy the illnesses caused by open defecation. 


These medicines, which the rural Indian population are spending precious resources on, will now tell them the facts: that open defecation is the one of the biggest causes of these illnesses, and that every day 2000 children under 5 die from diarrhoea, that’s one every 40 seconds. Finally, it will tell them how this can be stopped: by simply using a toilet. 


By using medicinal labels (on medicines that are related to illnesses from open defecation), we are hijacking an authoritative source of information that is associated with truth and pain relief. And by revealing facts to them during the pain point of finding and acquiring medication, which is also a point where they are most concerned for their child's safety, they are more likely to be heard and accepted. Our labels will have the URL to lead customers to a site, which will provide more facts, information on solutions and the film. We will be giving a concerned customer base of worried parents the facts they need, so they can understand how harmful open defecation really is, and ultimately, to understand the true solution: a toilet.