Young Glory Round 4: Mario and Sonic at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games

Young Glory Round 4:
Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games

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Mario and Sonic at
the Paralympic Games

In 2020 Tokyo will be hosting both the Olympics and the Paralympics. Although recognition of the Paralympics has increased over time, there is still a gap. The Olympics is still the most watched.  


To generate buzz and attention surrounding the Paralympics, we want to update an iconic and unique part ofJapanese gaming culture. One that has established itself around the world.



Mario and Sonic at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games



For the first time in history, the Mario and Sonic gang will be competing as Paralympians. With the gang having already competed at the Olympics five times, in 2020, they, and audiences around the world, will have the opportunity to play in the Paralympic Games.


This will be the first time the Paralympic Games have been recognised in the video game world. And by using the Mario and Sonic characters, created by iconic Japanese companies Nintendo and Sega, we can firmly establish the connection between the Paralympics and Tokyo 2020.  


Japan's Prime Minister dressed up as Super Mario in the closing ceremony in Rio 2016.

This new version of Mario and Sonic will coincide or take advantage of any new console releases that occur in 2020. Further to this, a portion of the proceeds will be used to amend the funding gap between Olympians and Paralympian's.


The goal is to generate buzz surrounding the Paralympics; by updating Mario and Sonic, much loved Japanese gaming characters, we will be showcasing the Paralympics in a fun new light, and for the first time too.