Young Glory Gun Control (Awarded Bronze)


Make Your Voicemail Heard

Awarded Bronze

Brief: Use digital and social media to encourage politically disinterested American teenagers to take one meaningful step toward getting their state and/or federal governments to pass common sense gun-control legislation.


Problem: To repeal the Dickie Amendment, consistent, long-term pressure on representatives must be made in order to match the NRA’s strong power in supporting legislation. The Pew Research Center’s survey found in contacting a public official “one-in-five gun owners (21%) have done this...That compares with 12% of non-gun owners who have ever reached out to officials about gun policy”.

Idea: We will partner with straight2voicemail. A company that allows you to send personalised voice messages at the click of a button straight to a persons voicemail.  Allowing teens to repeal the Dickie Amendment by sending personalised voicemails messages to their representatives instantly and on loop.

We will do this through our own site www.makeyourvoicemailheard.com and use social adverts to target them. 


We will use hyper and geo-targeted adverts (where the content relates to gun control) and personalise them with their local rep's name.