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Connect with Culture

Campaign Summary

Many New Australians feel they have lost touch, or have never known, their true culture, in an attempt to fit in with the Australian way of life. Without knowing their origins, they can end up feeling excluded. 

How do we change this?
Using the digital landscape, we can actively encourage 1st and 2nd generation Australians to learn and retrieve their cultural identity. By encouraging them to learn, and giving them the information they need, we can restore their cultural voices. And by positively promoting the teaching and sharing of these different cultures we are calling for a more inclusive Australia. 

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Creative Insight

Many 1st and 2nd generation Australians often lose their cultural identity as a result of assimilating to become ‘Australian’ quicker. Let’s use the power of social media to regain their cultural identities.



Introducing Connect with Culture, a Facebook initiative designed to both encourage New Australians to start educating themselves and be proud of their own unique cultures. We will also provide users who have close friends of these cultures with the same messages. Partnering with Facebook we will show them real time news, events, significant days, basic phrases, greetings in their heritage language, interesting facts and values of their cultures.

We will start by interrupting users Facebook newsfeeds with a simple message to identify their heritage and generation in order to micro target them.


Execution 1: Facebook Greetings

Using Facebook’s events and news features, we will display events, news, activites and significant days from the users cultural background at the very top of their feed. And when there are no significant events on, we can show interesting facts and help them learn basic phrases from their language. Users who have close friends of these cultures will also be made aware of these cultural messages to increase awareness. 
People constantly check Facebook, and by using relevant cultural content and activities at the top of their feed, we help users engage in, learn and share their culture. 


Execution 2: Targeted Banners

To encourage people to start learning about their cultural identity, let’s use targeted digital display ads that keep users from these cultures or who have close friends of these cultures informed. These digital display ads will be hyper-targeted to match the content they are reading. 

Using targeted digital display allows us to speak more personally to the user and connect issues they care about in Australia with issues from their or their friends’ culture. These banners will link to their Facebook accounts and present them with a prompt to join the Connect with Culture initiative.


Execution 3: GPS Notifications

Using Google Maps API we can locate and highlight relevant cultural events, institutions and food stores that are nearby in real-time, using push notifications to alert users from these cultures or who have close friends of these cultures. By using Google Maps, the most-used digital maps application, we are more likely to reach users and provide them with rewarding experiences.


Execution 4: Facebook Stickers

We will create Facebook stickers that relate to different cultures, and gift them to users who share these cultures or who have close friends of these cultures. Allowing them to learn and share messages that relate to their heritage and have their friends celebrate their cultures with them too. Facebook stickers are a great way to share messages. With over 6 billion emojis and stickers sent a day, people love visually driven communication.   


Rationale and Measurement

With Connect with Culture, we are creating a movement of education that encourages New Australians to learn and identify with their cultures. 

By encouraging learning in an unobtrusive and playful way we are helping to start a positive conversation about including all cultures in Australia. Engaging them and their close friends with cultural content on Facebook means the ability to share is closer than ever. And by focusing on educating culture we have a wealth of content that can be created, giving the campaign a voice long-term.      

Using Facebook gives us access to measurement metrics that can assist us in retargeting and seeing if our message is spreading. Through shares, mentions, ad click-through rates, number of users, notification opens, stickers used and time spent on posts we can measure the success of our campaign.